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In this section, you’ll find loads of extra resources such as product information, specification support material, install tips, high-resolution textures and BIM files. As part of our commitment to working with specifiers, we’ve also extensively tested our core product ranges for slip resistance, flexural strength, resistance to salt attack, absorption and density. If you need technical information, pricing or testing for a specific project, feel free to talk to our Eco team for more details.

For a detailed explanation of the technical files available (and their corresponding design programs) click here.

All texture downloads include JPEG, SKM, GSM, DXF, DWG and REVIT files.

SHOWING: Flooring | Texture

Allaro Limestone Texture Andorra Limestone Texture Antico Luce Cotto Texture Antico Notte Cotto Texture Arbon Limestone Texture Arrotato Cotto Brick Texture Atlantic Split Stone Texture Beauford Sandstone Texture Bluestone Crazy Paving Texture Bluestone texture Bokara Cobblestone Texture Bolzano Crazy Paving Texture Bolzano Sandstone Texture Buffalo Cobblestone Texture Calcetta Limestone Texture Camelhaas Sandstone Texture Chalford Limestone Texture Chambon Travertine Texture Chimney Sweep Technifirma Texture Cocullo Project Stone Texture Colmar Limestone Texture Duro Limestone Texture Endicott Cobblestone Endicott Filetti Texture Endicott Flagstone Texture Endicott Split Stone Texture Fallow Granite Texture Flagstone Porphyry Forest Granite Texture Garonne Limestone Texture Haybale Wood Texture Jericho Cobblestone Texture Jericho Limestone Texture La Roche Limestone Texture Lady Gray Wood Texture Lagano Project Stone Texture Laguna Project Stone Texture Lichen Linear Walling Texture Luca Cobblestones Texture Luca Filetti Texture Luca Flagstone Texture Luca Split Stone Texture Lunar Wood Texture Miramar Limestone Texture Mountain Ash Wood Texture Mrs Char Technifirma Texture Muddled Crow Technifirma Texture Osprey Sandstone Texture Perla Wood Texture Porphyry Baguette Texture Porphyry Cobblestone Texture Porphyry Filetti Texture Porphyry Random Length Ravello Travertine Texture Raven Granite Texture Riverdance Technifirma Texture Salt Water Hand-Pressed Concrete Tiles Texture Seron Project Stone Sesame Cobblestone Texture Seville Project Stone Texture Silex Cobblestones Texture Smoke Stack Wood Texture Summerhouse Wood Texture Tawny Granite Texture Tolfa Travertine Texture Torino Bluestone Texture Tortoise Cobblestone Texture Tortoise Granite Texture Vardo Limestone Texture Viking Wood Texture Waldon Limestone Texture Willow Wood Texture Winbourne Limestone Texture Woodford Limestone Texture Wyndam Limestone Texture