So you’ve decided to build a swimming pool. If you’re like many homeowners, now you’ve made the decision, you want it in your backyard as quick as possible so you can cool off with a swim during peak season.

Unfortunately, in-ground swimming pool installation can be a lengthy process with several aspects determining how long you’re going to have to wait until you take your first dive.

How long does it take to build a pool?

As a general guide, most pools will take 8-10 weeks to construct. For more complex or larger pool projects, you may need to allow for up to 4 months before you have a fully functioning swimming pool in your backyard.

To provide you with an understanding of why the process of building a pool takes this long, we’ve listed a breakdown of the stages from the design to the final touches.

Design & Approvals: up to 8 weeks

The time it takes to design a swimming pool will largely depend on the workload of your design team and the extent of your project. There are likely to be several stages in the design process from the initial concept to the construction documentation. Any revisions to the design, however small, will also add to the time.

You’ll also need to factor in application and approval for permits which can be out of your control. Depending on your municipality and your project scope, this could be a relatively quick turnaround or a long, drawn-out process.

Site preparation: 1 – 2 weeks

Once your design has been approved and your permits issued, the preparation of the site can begin. This may include clearing the soft landscape or removing hard surfacing. It also includes excavating the site for your pool. Site preparation can be a relatively quick process, however, timing can be affected by the site condition, access and location of utilities and services.

Structural work & services: 1 – 2 weeks

After the excavation is complete, the installation of structural work and services begins. If you’re installing an inground concrete pool, the form work will be built and steel will be installed to prepare for a vinyl or fiberglass pool.

The electrical and plumbing will also be installed at this stage which will include organising the services for your pool filtration systems, water features, spas and lighting. The time it takes for this process will depend on the complexity of your design.

Pool shell: 1 – 3 weeks

The installation of a vinyl or fiberglass pool is a relatively easy and quick process as the kit or manufactured pool liner and shell is delivered before being positioned into the site. A gunite in-ground pool is more complex and time-consuming to install due to the additional curing time required.

Features, landscaping and flooring: 1 – 4 weeks

Depending on your design, the final step to complete your pool area is to install your custom features such as a waterfall. The paving or decking will also be installed and any lighting planned for in and around your pool. If you’re landscaping around your pool, this will be the time for planting. Now, your pool is ready to be filled!

The time it takes to achieve this will greatly depend on your design, the number of custom features and the type of products you’re working with.

Factors that might extend the construction process

Beyond the design and size of your swimming pool, there are some factors that could extend the construction process. This include:

  • Additional structures such as a patio
  • Delay in materials
  • Weather changes
  • Lengthened curing time
  • Additional custom designed features