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Eco Outdoor reclaimed cobblestones began their life on the streets of Europe where they were originally laid some 200-300 years ago.


The cobblestones that are now available in our range have been walked upon many hundreds of thousands of times, resulting in the most authentically textured patina we’ve seen in a flooring product.

The way in which the cobblestones were originally laid meant that over the years, the surface became uneven and hazardous. But being such an iconic part of the European landscape, it was decided that the cobbled streets must not be lost.

The cobblestones were removed from the streets one by one, and the tops cut off before being re-laid to create a smooth, sawn finish.

The Production Process

Upon being removed from the ground, the cobblestones are transported to a factory where the top is removed.

The cobblestones are then re-laid on the streets in which they originally came from; their character and charm living on as they have done for hundreds of years.

Before and after the cobblestones are sawn and re-laid

The tops of the cobbles are packaged and shipped to us here in California. It’s quite the journey.

In a world of mass-production, This is a refreshing tale of re-use and re-purpose.

At Eco Outdoor, we’ve long talked about the beauty in imperfection. The beauty of the marks and nicks that tell the story of a life well-lived. In a world of mass-production, this is a refreshing tale of re-use and re-purpose.

It is now possible to have these beautifully aged cobblestones, so rich in history, in your home.

The Range

The Eco Outdoor range of reclaimed cobblestones is available now and consists of two colors; Mulhall and Elba

Mulhall offers a beautiful grey color with a variety of lights and dark tones. The mixed sizing, as seen below, means that each installation will result in a completely unique look.

No two pieces are the same in shape or in color, and the antique finish brings an unprecedented level of character.


Elba possesses the same beautiful inconsistencies in shape and texture but with a rich earthy red/brown tone that will complement the Californian landscape spectacularly.


For more information on this new range, please contact us on (855) 413-1413