A feature wall is a wall that adds interest and energy to a room through texture, color and contrast.

It’s like standing out from the crowd. A feature wall can impact how the space looks and feels, reinforcing your design style and creating a visual impact.

A room with all the walls decorated in one color or pattern can create a sense of unity and cohesion. But, after a while, the interior can appear a bit plain and underwhelming. By identifying one wall and giving it a different, bolder texture or color, you can change the mood and personality of a room.

And that’s all it takes; one feature wall to Bring Soul to a room or an outdoor space.

Feature walls or statements walls are usually specified when the rest of the room or outdoor space is decorated in a neutral color palette.

By selecting one wall and applying a stone veneer, painting it in a different color or adding wallpaper, you’re instantly creating a feature.

A feature blade wall running internally to externally in a residential design with Baw Baw Dry Stone walling
A feature blade wall running internally to externally in a residential design with Baw Baw Dry Stone walling

Why create a feature wall in your home?

Feature walls give interior or exterior spaces a decorative focal point. They can also be a great way to give a space a new look and feel, reinvigorating the style of the home without going to the time, effort and expense of redecorating the entire room.

Feature walls can be used in any room of the house. A living room, dining room over even a children’s rooms offer huge potentials for feature walls as there is ample scope for experimentation with colors and patterns.

Applying a feature wall to a small room can complement the accessories and furniture in the space while providing the illusion of a larger area.

Feature walls can be created with a variety of materials

You can create a feature wall in a variety of materials. Paint is one of the quickest and most affordable options, followed by wallpaper. If you’re looking for more texture, timber or natural stone is an effective solution for both interior and exterior feature walls.

Natural stone feature walls can give a home an organic texture, warmth, and sense of sophistication. There is also a large range of different stone formats, colors and finishes that will offer a unique appearance for your home. Free Form stone walling, for example, creates a natural look with lots of movement whereas Linear walling has a clear and architectural aesthetic.

feature wall
Custom feature wall using Bluestone Linear Walling by Arc Seven.1
Wamberal Free Form feature wall

Why feature walls sometimes fail

Remember, the painted texture walls in bright colors that were in vogue during the 90’s? It was these feature walls that gave the decorating technique a bad wrap!

A key point to remember is that not every room or home needs or should have a feature wall. A designer or stylist can help to identify the potential for a feature wall and help you create a wall that will enhance your space, not become an epic fail.

Done incorrectly, feature walls can be distracting. They can look out of place and confusing. They also can make a room feel smaller or closed in. Another reason a feature wall may fail to deliver on design is that colors and trendy patterns can date over time.

So, take the time to consider the design and material that you are choosing to use for your feature wall. After all, it’s going to be a part of your home for some time.