Seal Beach | Image: Surfline

We think the best way to celebrate 4th of July is with a surf at one of these incredible breaks.

7 best surf breaks in California

California is a where dreams are chased and made. Nothing represents this dream and lifestyle better than driving up and down the Golden State’s coastline surfing the best waves California has to offer. Whether you’re new to the sport and learning to get your balance or a pro at carving it up, there are plenty of surf breaks to explore. Here, we’ve chosen 7 Californian surf breaks to explore as you celebrate this Independence Day.

Seal Beach Cloudbreak

Cloudbreak has the reputation of being of the bigger breaks in Orange County but it does require the right swell. Regardless, this is a spot for those with high-level surf skills and a mate alongside to keep an eye out for you. You’ll also need plenty of energy to make your way out as the sets are a long way from the shore.

Lunda Bay

Lunda Bay may not be the easiest surf break in California to get to, but the effort of navigating the rocky cliffs is well worth it. Until recently, the peaceful and pristine cove has been dominated by the local Lunda Bay Boys but a high-profile class-action is seeing this incredible surf break open up to visitors.

Lower Trestles

Lower Trestles | Image: Surfing Ruined My Life
Lower Trestles | Image: Surfing Ruined My Life

For consistently good waves, head to magical surf break of Lower Trestles. Here you’ll find classic reef breaks that with pristine swell and wind conditions resembles an artificial wave pool.

The Wedge

At the north of Newport Harbor you’ll find The Wedge, one of California’s surf breaks not to be taken lightly. This unforgiving break has taken many casualties where surfers become simply obstacles in the wave’s way. If you’re not game to take The Wedge on, settle in for the show on the beach as it’s sure to be very entertaining.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach | Laguna Beach Magazine
Laguna Beach | Laguna Beach Magazine

If you’re not looking to risk your life at The Wedge, visit the surf spot Thalia Street at Laguna Beach. The waves are known for being particularly gentle, perfect for beginners or those who want to be guaranteed a nice break.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is no doubt one of the most popular Californian surf beach breaks broken up by short, rocky jetties. But you won’t find a territorial vibe here as most surfers are simply looking to have a little fun and are happy to relax out on the water.

Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach | Image: Stab Mag
Blacks Beach | Image: Stab Mag
Rounding out our 7 best surfs breaks in California is Blacks Beach in San Diego where you’ll find huge swells coupled with lots of strong rip currents. With the city just 15 minutes away, Blacks Beach can get very crowded, but the clean barrels, view of the towering cliffs and the novelty of a nudist beach is a drawcard for many!

Gone to the beach – 4th July showroom closed

The Eco Outdoor Beverly Hills showroom will be closed on the 4th of July.

Enjoy the holiday and your celebrations!