Outdoor linens are an exciting new area we’ve been working on over these past few years. We’re working to bring the simple raw style that we’ve found in indoor furniture fabric into the outdoor design space to create an aesthetic which is all its own.

Outdoor linens represent outdoor fabric at its very best

When it comes to outdoor furniture fabric, we often think of harsh scratchy fabrics in bold prints and bright colors. Those days are over.

Here at Eco Outdoor, we’re introducing a whole new range of luxurious outdoor Belgian linens across many of our furniture ranges. Linen is an incredibly durable material and like all natural products it will age beautifully over time becoming softer and more malleable with each year.

Linen’s tendency to wrinkle and crush are part of its charm and its lasting durability creates an unrivalled fabric. This resilience is one of the prime reasons we continue to use linens as our outdoor fabric of choice, as well as its tendency to get softer and more forgiving the more it is warn.

What’s more, our natural Belgian linens are made 100% for the outdoors so you can be confident they’ll last the distance.