Thanksgiving Outdoors-05

Plan a fuss-free feast in your backyard this thanksgiving with these tips.

We’re all about making the most of the outdoors, especially when it comes to festivities. Rather than cram your family and friends indoors, spread yourselves outside this thanksgiving and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the open air.

Worry less about the mess, form a setting from a mish-mash of chairs and enjoy food straight off the BBQ. Entertaining outside is all about creating a laid-back vibe and keeping it simple.

Create different areas outdoors

Thanksgiving Outdoors

Not everyone wants to sit at an outdoor dining table throughout the entire celebration. Set up different areas within your space to accommodate lounging as well as dining. If you have the room, sprinkle a few chairs or stools around your garden for people to explore and escape to at their leisure.

Keep your ambitions in check

You may aspire to replicate a Jamie Oliver spread or to give Martha Stewart a run for her money, but just keep in mind entertaining outside can be unpredictable. We think a simple thanksgiving feast presented on oversized platters, grilled corn on a stick and deliciously flavoured home-made icy poles is just as impressive.

Embrace the natural

Thanksgiving Outdoors

Channel your outdoor inspiration and use natural objects and materials to dress your settings. Scavenge foliage, plant herb pots and layout linen napkins. Nothing needs to be overly forced; keep it fuss-free.

Don’t forget comfort

If you’re offering tasty food, refreshing drinks and good company chances are your thanksgiving lunch will carry onto the evening. This time of year, it can get a little chilly when the sun goes down, so keep a few pillows and throws for people to snuggle up and continue the festivities. To ramp up the atmosphere, have a fire pit set ready to go when dusk falls and the stars are out.

Entertain the little people

Thanksgiving Outdoors

Kids want to have a great time with their mates too! Ensure you’ve catered for their taste buds, create a setting just for them and keep them entertained with kid friendly activities. Project an old-school flick on an sheet hung outdoors or set up some games like potato sack races, horseshoes and bocce.

Cocktails are the ideal appetizer

No need to fuss around with perfect looking canapes dressed with micro herbs! Cocktails are the best thanksgiving appetizers and a great way to get people in the spirit. Do away with your fancy cocktail glasses and fill up a few big jugs with your refreshing mix or place individual jars on ice ready for your guest’s arrival.

Ditch the turkey

Thanksgiving Outdoors

Controversial we know! Cooking a turkey takes a lot of time and energy, but often the real crowd pleasers are the sides. So instead of spending your morning basting a big bird, get creative making flavour packed sides for everyone to graze on throughout the day.

Most of all, remember thanksgiving is a holiday to share with friends and family and to celebrate life’s precious moments. So spend less time fussing over food and styling, and more time enjoying the afternoon with good company!

Happy holidays!