When Flagstone met Terrazzo.

We’ve taken two much-loved materials and reimagined them into a new flooring format called Insitu Terrazzo; think blown up Terrazzo in a freestyle Flagstone format.

Smaller pieces than Flagstone, larger pieces than traditional Terrazzo, Insitu Terrazzo sits uniquely in between and allows us to be even more creative with how we craft offcut materials into extraordinary surfaces.

Insitu Terrazzo comes in highly irregular shapes and sizes meaning you can freestyle the layout and create an inimitable look for each design project. This flooring format is flood grouted with a smooth finished texture ideal for internal environments.

Insitu Terrazzo is available in two materials – Seyfert and Rillet:

Seyfert is a ceppo di gre stone with blue grey tones and yellow speckles throughout.

Rillet is a white and grey toned Carrara marble.


Flagstone Sizing



Packing Details


In Situ Terazzo
Irregular Flagstone
3/4" thick11215 ft2