One of the hardest and most compact stones in the world, our Italian porphyry cobblestone pavers are the perfect product specification for a driveway and other high-traffic, high-use areas. The subtle color variation inherent in the natural stone means porphyry cobbles will work beautifully in a full spectrum of design styles and are ideal for both residential and commercial scale projects.

As a dense natural stone, limited marking and staining will occur, resulting in a gorgeous and easily-maintained cobblestone paved area. The less structured format of individual cobblestones also makes porphyry a great specification when working with curved designs.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old brick pavers with Porphyry pavers or some other kind of natural stone tile or you’re just looking for new patio pavers, you’ll find great outdoor design ideas at Eco Outdoor. We’ve created a select range of pavers especially for you. If you’re looking for new driveway pavers, bathroom tile ideas or the perfect kitchen tile, call us today. Be it a travertine tile floor or an organic slate tile, when it comes to natural stone tile we’ve got everything you need at Eco Outdoor.

Porphyry Sizing



Packing Details


1 ½" - 2 ½" x 1 ½" - 2 ½", 1 ½" - 2 ½"20129 ft2
4" x 4", ¾" - 1 ½" 14178 ft2

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