Our Beauford sandstone pavers feature a soft, creamy-grey color with a heavily distressed finish. This gives the stone a tactile feel underfoot and makes for a beautiful patina finish. Sandstone is a timeless flooring material that has been used around the world for centuries. Eco Outdoor’s sandstone pavers are ideal for a wide range of paving projects; from gardens and courtyards to balconies and terraces.

Eco Outdoor’s range of sandstone pavers represent a timeless, sophisticated landscape design material. Whether you’re looking to replace your old brick pavers with natural stone tile or you’re just looking for new patio pavers, you’ll find great outdoor design ideas at Eco Outdoor. We’ve created a select range of pavers especially for you. If you’re looking for new driveway pavers, bathroom tile ideas or the perfect kitchen tile, give us a call today. Be it a travertine tile floor or an organic slate tile, when it comes to natural stone tile we’ve got everything you need at Eco Outdoor.



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(lbm/sq ft)
Packing Details
Random Lengths
16" - 26" x 16"/20", ¾"10.24193.75
Coping/Step Tread
Heavily Distressed
36" x 16", 1 ¼"16.3933 units
36" x 16", 2"