In the history of architecture, travertine occupies an important place. Famously used in the design of the Roman Colosseum, the material still garners admiration for its hard-wearing qualities and fits seamlessly into the language of longevity, accompanying other robust materials such as brick and concrete. The Getty Center in California is one of the most notable contemporary designs to use the material.


What is Travertine?

Travertine is a form of limestone found at the mouths of hot springs and limestone caves. It forms its distinctive fibrous appearance in the calcium-rich water, where it is also given its calming and neutral colouration.


Eco Outdoor Travertine Range

From light cream and beige hues to warm greys and earthy tones, our Travertine natural flooring range provides a sense of elegance for any internal build or landscape and garden design project. You can choose from an aged tumbled, clean sawn or lightly distressed finish to suit your project and budget.


Ravello® and Tolfa are fit for any budget and supplied in smaller formats. Chambon is mid-range and efficient when it comes to sizing by providing random length formats. Scala®, our premium range, is the best whitest Travertine on the market, available in large formats.


All our travertine tiles are dimensionally cut from larger slabs. As this stone is hardwearing, the tiles are available in thin formats. These are great for areas with limited setdown.

It's the natural patina of travertine stones that makes them truly beautiful