The addition of wood flooring products extends the Eco Outdoor® range of architectural surfaces to cater for a range of project needs beyond natural stone whilst also working incredibly well alongside it.

The curated selection consists of ten colors in three finishes as well as a solid oak options.

The products available in the distressed finish include Haybale, Mountain Ash, Smoke Stack and Willow and in the brushed finish include Lunar, Viking, Lady Gray and Summerhouse. Perla is a light grey with a distressed finish in a chevron format, and Montague is dark grey with an uniquely antique finish that embraces the variability and depth one can expect from aged wooden floors.

Produced by a French supplier with extensive experience in the art of aged oak, the product display a beautifully aged patina that is achieved by utilising an age-old technique and avoids the use of synthetic coloring agents.

A classic combination of three widths and lengths is available and combined adds to the traditional appearance of the wood products.

Our approach to materiality has always encompassed the notion of natural beauty and beauty in imperfection and this new range of timber flooring embodies exactly that.

Available in a range of widths and lengths, Wood extends the Eco Outdoor range of architectural surfaces, complementing the extensive natural stone offer.