The silver-grey patina of Viking wood flooring highlights the beautiful natural finish of the solid oak. The oak flooring has tonal variation from a light to darker grey reinforcing the authentic natural patina of the wood.

The Eco Outdoor® Wood range is available in a classic combination of three lengths and widths and when combined, adds to the traditional appearance of the product. Produced by a European supplier with extensive experience in the art of aged oak, the product display a beautifully aged patina that is achieved by utilising an age-old technique and avoids the use of synthetic coloring agents. 

The addition of timber flooring products extends the Eco Outdoor® range of architectural surfaces to cater for a range of project needs beyond natural stone whilst also working incredibly well alongside it.

Wood Sizing



Packing Details


Random lengths 67"-106"
Mix widths 5½"/ 7"/ 8 3⁄4"
Thickness 3⁄4″
Extra Large
Random lengths 79"-118"
Mix widths 8 3⁄4″/ 10"/ 12"
Thickness 3⁄4″