Eco Outdoor offers a vast choice of natural stone interior and exterior wall cladding materials from traditional, dry-stone and random ashlar format wall products, tiles and stacked stone in granite as well as Melbourne Bluestone, limestone, sandstone, slate and more. Natural stone including sandstone, limestone and bluestone delivers a crisp, clean finish; while for a more rustic, organic design, dry stone and free form wall cladding are crucial products perfect for indoor design as well as garden and landscape projects.

All of Eco Outdoor’s stone walling cladding products come pre-prepared with the backs sawn smooth, allowing for simple application to all suitable substrates with exceptional end results.

Extremely versatile in its use, from external stone cladding to internal features and fireplaces, natural stone wall cladding provides depth and character to any designed space and beautifully supports the continuity between internal and external spaces. Eco Outdoor has a full range of superior stone veneer selections, making it easy to find the ideal match for your design.

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Walling made easy

Pre-prepared with outstanding results

We make it easy with our natural stone wall cladding and tile materials