Our Cotto walling range offers a true sense of history and authentic craftsmanship. Two products make up our Cotto walling range; Cotto Bricks and Cotto Zellige™.

Cotto Zellige™ and Cotto Glazed Tiles

A modern take on a much-loved traditional material and a key highlight of Moroccan influence in modern design has been the resurgence in the use of Cotto Zellige™ and Cotto Glazed Tiles.

These elements, made from clay, are dipped in colored enamel and are hand-cut for precision. Featuring beautiful natural variations in texture and color, these tiles feature a wonderfully unique, translucent glaze.

Traditionally, these tiles are laid without grout and whether using one color or mixing colors to form a pattern, these hand-made tiles can create a unique option for bathroom and kitchen walling accents.

Cotto Bricks

Cotto bricks are an entirely different product within the Cotto walling range. They are produced by a small manufacturer in Italy and bring a traditional and classic look to the Eco Outdoor range. However, they can also be used in modern architecture due to their appearance as an elongated brick.

Handcrafted from clay and kiln fired, Cotto bricks are uniquely textured, with natural color variations. The Cotto bricks are available in five different colors. The colors are achieved by a combination of techniques, which include firing the clay at different temperatures, and the addition of minerals such as carbon for the Nero to create a black colour. Cotto bricks are produced using centuries-old techniques, resulting in a quality product and timeless offering.

Explore the Cotto walling image gallery for examples of how our hand-made Cotto products have been used in a diverse selection of architectural and landscape designs.

Our Cotto Tiles and Bricks walling range is ideal for a huge selection of internal and external finishes. Whether you’re searching for exterior wall cladding for an outdoor fireplace or simply searching for bathroom or kitchen tile ideas, we’ve got something for you. Whether you like a limestone wall or a slate tile, our showrooms will present a vast array of wall tiles and ideas especially for you. From landscaping stone to architectural stone, you’ll find everything you need at Eco Outdoor®.

Irregular in texture and color, cotto tiles have a wonderfully unique translucent glaze.