With cool creams and light browns, Alpine is a natural granite dry stone walling material ideal for residential landscape designs, commercial building projects and home builds. Alpine dry stone walling materials allow for an original perspective on natural stone cladding. All of our loose stone pieces are split on the face and sawn smooth on the back, allowing for ease of application to all suitable substrates with exceptional results. We recognize that the finishing detail in wall veneer products is vital and offer a variety of interlocking corner units, capping pieces and column solutions within our dry stone walling range.

Eco Outdoor’s selection of natural dry stone walling materials is ideal for residential landscape projects, home builds and commercial building designs. Whether you’re searching for exterior wall cladding for an outdoor fireplace or simply searching for bathroom tile ideas, we have the solution for you. If you're dreaming of a limestone wall or a slate tile, give us a call today. From landscaping stone to architectural stone, you’ll discover everything you need at Eco Outdoor.

Dry stone


(lbm/sq ft)
Packing Details
Split face veneer, split on 5 sides and sawn on the back. Random lengths up to 20". Random heights up to 8". Thickness 3/4" - 1 1/2".16.3953.82
L shaped corner pieces. Random lengths up to 9 3/4". Random height up to 6". Thickness 3/4" - 1 1/2".6.1412 (13.12 x 9.84LF)
Textured finish to top surface, chipped on two long sides and sawn on the other. Length 400mm. Width 290mm. Thickness 40-50mm.26.6350 units

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