The deep greens and moody tones found in our Everglade glass mosaic pool tile are inspired by the scenic waterways and tributaries found in Australia’s wetlands. Everglade showcases a similar dark stained effect that offers the natural feel of the water and the great outdoors.

The recycled glass pool tiles are available in two sizes including a 1" x 1" tile and a 2" x 2" tile, as well as in an internal and external corner piece.

With market-leading polychord backing and made from 100% recycled glass, the tiles are easy to install and will perform exceptionally well in the demanding pool environment.

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Pool Surfaces Sizing



Packing Details


Recycled Glass Mosaics Tiles
1" x 1" (21.5ft2 lots)21162.50 ft2 (54x21.5ft2)
2" x 2" (16ft2 lots)2.5872 (54x16ft2)
Trim Internal Curve
2" x 2"0.1100 units
Trim External Curve
2" x 2"0.1100 units