Arrowmill is a mid-grey colored paver from our Technifirma range.

Utilising market-leading technology, this range of products has homogenous performance characteristics (consistent modulus of rupture), while still maintaining variability in texture and tone similar to natural stone.

The Technifirma products are extremely strong and therefore perfect for highly demanding environments such as pool surfaces.

The larger format of the Arrowmill pool tiles allows you to achieve a modern natural stone look on the pool's interior surface without any of the risks associated with natural stone.

Further, the Arrowmill color can be paired with a number of other products within our natural stone range so that you can create a seamless look throughout your pool and outdoor space.

Products such as Garonne, Chalford and Wyndam work incredibly well alongside Arrowmill.


Pool Surfaces Sizing


(lbm/sq ft)

Packing Details


Pool tiles
23 5/8”x 6” x ¼”
24" x 24" x ¼” 4465
47 ¼” x 23 5/8” x ¼”