Project Stone

At Eco Outdoor, we’ve developed a specialized range of distinctive and hard-to-source natural stone products that we call Project Stone. These products are sourced from all over the world and represent a powerful option for architects and designers wanting something different.

The Project Stone range is only available for certain-scale projects and, due to its highly-specialized nature, our team is involved very early on in the project so that we can help to manage product specification, sourcing and fabrication to ensure we can deliver the best solution for you.

Looking to create a unrivaled project finish? Come and talk to us today. At Eco Outdoor, we're constantly working to bring in new products for those specifiers looking to forge a completely unique impression with something outside of the standard range. Here, we'll showcase both the work-in-progress development of one-of-a-kind formats and finishes and the projects which have featured them.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a custom project solution, contact your Eco Outdoor rep today and come talk to us.

Our Project Stone products are ideal for use in bespoke architectural projects indoors and out, as well as unique landscape designs.