Consistent in color, Harkfell flooring is a beautiful light grey tone. Harkfell Technifirma floor paving is dense, hard-wearing and suitable for use in almost any residential or commercial application.

Eco Outdoor's Technifirma range offers a hard-wearing paving solution. This range is extremely strong, has low water absorptions characteristics, is non-slip and is very easy to maintain. Technifirma is perfect for highly demanding environments such as pools, coastal locations, wet areas, food prep areas, restaurants, BBQ areas and heavy traffic zones. Available in a range of large format sizes Technifirma is a great complement to Eco Outdoors’ extensive natural stone offer.

Technifirma Sizing


(lbm/sq ft)

Packing Details


24" x 24", 3/4"9232.5
31 1/2" x 31 1/2" , 3/4"9289.3