A Second Life – Reclaimed Cobblestones Ground LA’s Great White Melrose


An Abundant Alfresco Dining Experience Awaits


Welcoming patrons via a rustic path paved with Eco Outdoor reclaimed cobblestones, Great White Melrose offers a sumptuous melding of natural materials and textures in an open-concept restaurant. Positioned on Los Angeles’s iconic Melrose Avenue, the space celebrates communion with its surrounding environment and elegantly challenges the boundaries of traditional exterior and interior materiality, utilising reclaimed cobblestones throughout.




Exploring Textural Connection


Partially open to L.A.’s awaiting streetscape, a series of pink plastered archways and fronds of lush greenery encircle the restaurant’s dining patio. Drawing upon the potency of stone, roughened plaster and recycled timber, the space integrates rugged materiality to achieve an atmosphere of robust warmth and earthy connection. 


Reclaimed Cobblestones, A Unique Product Used In An Unexpected Way

Contributing to Great White Melrose’s distinctive character is the uncommon application of Eco Outdoor reclaimed cobblestones. Typically an exterior flooring choice, cobblestones have also been laid within the restaurant’s interior, uniting spaces and further promoting the concept of blurring bounds between indoor and outdoor. As commercial projects continue to cast off the confines of conventional design, there is an exciting rise in product uses that challenge convention. With the client seeking a truly incomparable material, reclaimed cobblestones yielded the perfect solution to push the boundaries of expression and achieve a uniquely aged finish that cannot be reproduced anywhere else.


"The inspiration comes from the coast, not just one but many different coasts. We pull influence from different parts of Australia, Mexico and Europe, and combine it to give it a unique, Californian feel. At Melrose, we used Tuscan plaster, Limestone, Travertine and 100-year-old reclaimed wood from a barn in Idaho alongside the 150-year-old repurposed cobblestone from Berlin. We wanted a timeless feel and to work with recycled materials like that cobblestone. We wanted to repurpose things, to give the overall design a feeling like it's been there forever.”

Sam, Owner Great White, L.A

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