Beach House Splendour

An elegant and desirable modern family home filled with character is the result of this collaboration between client, architect and installer.

The client’s brief to BGD Architects was for them to imagine and realize a home that not only echoed this style, but that would readily accommodate a growing family. For the idea to come to fruition, it was imperative that the design incorporated durable, natural materials such as timber and stone to keep a rustic, grounded sense to the overall finish of the project.

Each room is awash with natural light, offering views to the central garden and pool. Ravello travertine was selected for pool surrounds and the outdoor entertaining areas as the natural patina ages well, is low-maintenance and easy to keep clean.

La Roche limestone was chosen for the fireplace hearth, as its caramel tones blended perfectly with the timber floorboards. The result is that the charming beach house serves the purposes of practical, functional spaces for parents as well as entertaining areas for children.