Cohesive and Considered

When it time came to designing the principal outdoor living space of homeowner Garren’s new property, the brief was to craft an open, family-friendly space, with a coastal feel. A thoughtful layout, an expert combination of materials and a cohesive team has accomplished this brilliantly.

Drawing on inspiration from the ocean views at his previous home, Garren collaborated with David Ticchio of ReStone, who he believes was the key influencer in fulfilling his brief so effectively.

Gazing out into the garden, an impressive Berrimah wall spanning 70 square metres along the property’s boundary is the garden’s iconic feature; clearly visible from all aspects of the interior. Its sandy color palette and fossilised coral artefacts sprinkled throughout incorporate elements of the nearby beach landscape. To ensure that the details created a cohesive and balanced picture, every piece of stone was personally examined and placed.

Babbington Landscapers were given the responsibility of adding the element of green into all areas of the garden. The choice of soft landscape and the arrangement of plants was highly considered to ensure the texture of the natural stone wall remained visible in between the foliage. This architectural feature, offset by planting, ended up being both Garren and David’s favorite part of the project.

The coastal atmosphere of the garden continues with a serene pool boldly framed by the stone feature wall. A large stretch of grass, running between the water and alfresco dining area, has achieved the sense of openness Garren craved and emphasises the generous garden space.

An intimate outdoor lounge area is nestled within the exterior walls of the house sits, ideal for relaxation or entertaining friends and family. A row of bamboo stretches above, offering privacy and enhancing the design aesthetic.

The courtyard was finished off with Jericho flooring which was expertly laid in a herringbone pattern to connect with the interior timber floors. The two surfaces form a seamless transition from kitchen to outdoor area and further into the garden.

Garren considers the project to have exceeded all expectations – thanks to the collaborative efforts of Eco Outdoor, David Ticchio, Babbington Landscapes and Peter Best Constructions.

It is a property that ticks all the boxes in terms of both functionality and style; whether one is playing with kids poolside, enjoying a spread in the alfresco dining area or lazing with a book in the tranquil courtyard.