Compelling Materiality – Travertine In Bellgave House

Bellgave House blurs the line between modernism and a more contemporary outlook through the generous use of natural stone, establishing its own unique identity.


Client: Clive Robertson

Developer: Plus Development

Architecture: Woods + Dangaran

Original Design: SAOTA

Introducing Bellgave House

A warm and lavish residence, Bellgave House represents a creative exploration of travertine in design. Created by luxury developer Clive Robertson in collaboration with globally recognised firms SAOTA, Woods + Dangaran and Plus Development, the sunlit house features the textural nuances of travertine stone in Eco Outdoor floor tiles and walling.

An Ode To The Iconic Stahl House

Neighbouring the iconic Hollywood Hills Stahl House, Bellgave House is perched on a promontory above The Sunset Strip and designed as an ode to its built companion. Whilst the building shares structural similarities with its inspiration – a glass and steel rectilinear construction, allowing for panoramic views of the city – Bellgave House blurs the line between modernism and a more contemporary outlook through the generous use of natural stone, establishing its own unique identity.

Travertine's Incredibly Rich History

In the history of architecture, travertine occupies an important place. Famously used in the design of the Roman Colosseum, the material still garners admiration for its hard-wearing qualities and fits seamlessly into the language of longevity, accompanying other robust materials such as brick and concrete. As a home that features travertine, a form of limestone, Bellgave House testifies to the 21st century relevance of the well-established material whilst celebrating the naturally inspiring story of the stone’s creation. Found at the mouths of hot springs and limestone caves, travertine forms its distinctive fibrous appearance in the calcium-rich water, where it is also given its calming and neutral colouration.


Inspired by The Getty Center, Bellgave House sees Eco Outdoor’s Scala® Travertine used both internally and externally in contrasting displays of texture. Sourcing some of the best, whitest travertine on the market, Eco Outdoor supplies the stone in two finishes – split and sawn. The walls are clad in a custom-size split finish to create large areas of rough, tactile surface. Conversely, the floors feature a sawn finish – whilst the appearance of the stone embraces irregularity and imperfection, the material is smooth enough to be comfortable underfoot and is therefore used generously to join the indoor and outdoor spaces. Combined, the two travertine elements play a large role in establishing the atmosphere of the home, grounding the residence in a sense of liveability and warmth.

Bellgave House Sees Travertine Used Both Internally And Externally In Contrasting Displays Of Texture.

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Close up shot of Scala Split

A House Full Of Character

Although Bellgave House pays homage to the design of Stahl House, mirroring some of its most successful architectural aspects, the home emerges with its own distinctive character. Defined by its compelling materiality, Bellgave House benefits from the contemporary application of this long-loved natural stone material.

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