Calming Concrete Composition

The highly-desirable location of this site, within a former defence barracks area, affords stunning views of Middle Habor to the north and Bradley Bushland Reserve to the west.

The brief from the client was for the formation of a new single family home that made best use of the wide, north-facing site and available vantages. As a result of intricate consideration of use, materials and orientation, the architectural design has resulted in a tranquil dwelling that expresses itself neutrally within the landscape.

The simple form comprises of four off-form concrete walls with a metal vaulted-roof that gently hovers above. A terracotta box containing the library ascends above this vault to best accentuate harbour vistas.

A series of implied and formally defined spaces form an architectural promenade which is benefits from the interweaving of the exterior material palette and the building’s interior. This promenade originates with an avenue of trees, directing views towards the rising presence of the terracotta-clad library, the off-form concrete entrance canopy and timber-lined entry vestibule paved with Cashmere architectural concrete pavers.

A dispersed planting regime either side of pavers allow both the natural stone and the flora to complement each other and impress in their own right.

Past the front door, a series of spaces are defined by changes in level, below a ceiling vault. A curved timber wall brings the eye through wide openings of sliding glass toward those anticipated panoramic views.