Bold Inner City Spirit

From the exterior, this building project protrudes out through the treetops, appearing as two simple white boxes floating on top of a series of masonry walls.

Drawing inspiration from the spirit of the Barcelona Pavilion, the entry announces itself through the expression of a textured granite wall that begins its journey as a landscape element then becomes the backdrop to the entry foyer and the study beyond.

An open-plan living, dining. kitchen area make up the ground floor, where the suspended ceiling and marble bench-top enforce the strong axis leading toward the hearth. Upstairs, the home provides three bedrooms connected by a corridor of light that pierces the intersection of the two boxes.

The considered placement of windows throughout the house accentuates the collision of the lines and planes and punctures the forms to frame strategic views that further enhance the experience of the leafy suburb. The resulting form of these elements is a house in which light and space abound.