Vibrant tropical escape

A tropical escape in an urban setting, this design merges sound architecture with bold landscaping to create a stunning overall effect that feels vibrant and alive. For this project brief to succeed, the landscape needed to deliver on a range of wishes, including being informal, relaxed, bold, eclectic and expressive of its genius lines.

Aspect Studios installed planting at densities which result in vigorous and lush coverage, especially in the sheltered areas in order to achieve the concept of the ‘Sauvage’.

The design facilitates a feeling of connected garden rooms on the multi-level site. A stacked Alpine dry stone wall identifies the eastern edge of the driveway and drapes around to the front of the property. Thick slabs of Raven paving form the main staircase from the driveway up to the entry terrace and Lichen slate paving, with its color variations, is employed to soften the dense surface. An in-ground timber sleeper deck before of the rear entry door of the house provides an outdoor dining area amongst the vegetation.

The gardens work in perfect sympathy with the architecture, enhancing the distinguishing loci of the house and the large terrace overlooking the harbor below. Careful consideration was given to the plant types so they would thrive within the conditions and the detailing resolves level changes, creating consistency and flow around the home.