Tasteful Terrace Style

With this garden having previously been restricted by retaining walls prohibiting easy access and usability as a whole, the owners of this inner-city home sought a modern, open garden that allowed not only for great entertaining but also made full use of the outdoor space.

Working with the existing tiered levels, better access was instantly created by the addition of a central staircase that easily leads up to the higher platforms of the garden. The pool, built to complement the layered design, also makes for a beautiful feature and structurally divides the garden into useable zones; the pool decking on the lower level is a large, clean open space, while the grassed area adjacent to the pool provides a more private and comfortable zone for sun lounging.

The swimming pool, created with a combination of timber decking, mosaic tiles and rebated bluestone coping, is a tasteful, modern design. The planting schedule was kept modest; with leafy, green vegetation creating an organic garden perimeter and the entertaining deck has been kept simple. The three platform steps create an established zone and tie in with the other layers of the garden design. Furnished with the Eco Outdoor table and Tallow dining chairs, this is a remarkably comfortable and relaxing entertaining area.

The end result is a structured, sophisticated garden that best utilizes of the space with its sectioned zones and clean, expert designs.